Deploymate updated to detect unavailable frameworks

and many other small fixes & improvements

First feature update for the popular Deploymate for Xcode tool has been released today. The update features support for detecting unavailable linked frameworks, target analysis for minimum safe deployment OS version, support for older Mac OS X operating systems (10.7 Lion) and many other small improvements and bug fixes.

Support for unavailable frameworks
Deploymate will now also determine which frameworks are linked in your project and warn you if you are (strong) linking a framework that doesn't exist in your selected target OS version. This safety check is done to prevent incidental app crashes due to unavailable frameworks and acts as a reminder to weak link appropriate frameworks.

Minimum OS version deployment analysis
During the project analysis, Deploymate will determine what is the minimum possible OS version you can run the scanned app on, and it will suggest this as a minimum deployment OS version. Using this simple feature, developers can now quickly determine the feasibility of supporting older operating systems with their applications or how much work there would be to do so.

There has been made a small step towards detecting false positives during the analysis. Deploymate can now detect performing "class" selector on an unavailable API type e.g. [Type class] and will not report this behavior as problematic since it doesn't cause the app to crash. However, there's an option in Preferences to turn this behavior off and report usages like these.

The update also brings support for older Macs running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, starting now, Deploymate runs on 10.7 but still requires Xcode version 4.5 minimum.

About Deploymate

Deploymate is a valuable Mac tool for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch developers helping them identify unavailable, deprecated and obsolete API usage in their iOS & Mac app Xcode projects.